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Identifying features Upper body dark bluc with wavy sttipes. Some stripes in Y-shape lower body silver. In life can be electric blue and silver. Maximum weight 90 kg (200 Ib). Lower jaw projects beyond upper jaw, jaw hinge does not show, upright tail, dorsal fin high, curved and highest at tear. Sitole lateral line.

Expected temperature range 21°C-30°C (700F-86°F).

Fishing methods Trolling dead bait in combination with plastic squid, trolling hard and soft plastic lures and big minnows, feather lures, trolling spoons cióse to reefs, trolling strips aften in conjunction with plástic squid, drifting with live bait—chub mackerel, yellowtaíl, scad, blue runner often with chum. Spin casting live bait. Eating quality excellent.

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