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Punta Cana Party Boat and Snorkeling 

Welcome anglers to Punta Cana Fishing at FirstClassFishing.com. We are the first sport fishing outfit to offer deep sea fishing trips in Bavaro Punta Cana and have been offering fun and exciting Punta Cana fishing charters since 1992.
We are committed to top quality customer service and strive to make sure your Punta Cana sport fishing charter will be a spectacular fishing adventure that will bring you great memories for years to come.

Punta Cana fishing is much more than just a sport fishing charter, it is a total sportfishing experience to enjoy and take in while you are on vacation in the Dominican Republic. You look around Punta Cana and see the palm trees, the crystal clear cobalt blue waters, the great catches of sailfish, marlin, and other big game fish and before long you realize you are in an absolute fishing paradise. They take the fishing in Punta Cana very serious and the top Captains and their 1rst mates consider it their duty to make your Punta Cana sport fishing trip a total success.

Punta Cana sport fishing boat

Charter Fishing Boats in Punta Cana

For Punta Cana fishing trips our charter boats range from 33 feet up to 42 feet and are top of the line which means you will be fishing in comfort and style with plenty of room to fish. Our Punta Cana charter boats are equipped with the latest state of the art electronics like GPS, Radar, and Fish Finders. In addition to our electronic gear we use all top brand name rods, reels, and tackle.

All of our charter boats are run by Captains with many years experience and all are also extremely knowledgeable in Punta Cana fishing. Our Captains and Mates, some of whom fished these very same waters as kids know where the fish hide, they know all the best "hot spots" and they know the best fishing techniques for this entire region. When it comes down to your Punta Cana sport fishing trip these are the type of Captains you want at the helm as they will give you the best chance of catching many fish and having a fun and successful fishing trip.

Punta Cana Marlin Fishing

Punta Cana marlin fishing

Marlin fishing in Punta Cana is in a class all by itself. Punta Cana marlin fishing attract a special class of angler that thrives on the thrill of the hunt for this magnificent billfish. The anticipation of the knock down, and then the hook-up is when the heart and adrenaline start pumping. Now you're ready to test your fighting skills against this awesome billfish, the Atlantic blue marlin. The challenge is to get him to the boat before he jumps, shakes, or flips his way to freedom. Are you up to the challenge?

Punta Cana fishing has other great sport fish that offer an exciting challenge to the novice and experienced angler alike. Yellowfin tuna for one can make a reel sing loudly while the line is stripped off fast as lightning as the tuna dives or sounds to the bottom at an attempt at freedom. A large yellowfin tuna will absolutely wear an angler out in this matchup of man against fish. Tuna and our other Punta Cana sportfish like sailfish, wahoo, white marlin, and a host of other big game fish that call this region of the caribbean home all make for great fishing you will tell all your friends about.

Punta Cana Fishing Vacations

If you are looking for a place to vacation that has great fishing plus much more in the way of activities and tours then Punt Cana in the Dominican Republic is the place for you. Punta Cana fishing is everything we say it is and makes for an acceptional fishing trip with many plentiful marine resources to catch but it also has more entertainment for the family and kids. After all Punta Cana is a tropical caribbean paradise and it certainly lives up to all the hype.

In addition to the great Punta Cana sportfishing here are a few activities the family can enjoy:

  • Party Boat Booze Cruise
  • Snorkeling trips
  • Deep Sea Diving trips - Take your adventure underwater
  • Punta Cana Speed Boat Tour - Get to drive a speed boat
  • Sunset Trips departing Punta Cana
  • Punta Cana Scubadoos - Go underwater in your own submarine bike and see the underwater beauty. NO Diving Experience Needed.
  • Punta Cana 4 Wheel ATV Tour - Explore the Punta Cana region on an ATV.

Fishing in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Fishing Trips

A Punta Cana fishing picture is worth a thousand words. With everything we've said, with all the great fishing to experience in Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic we wanted to make sure you get the whole feel for Punta Cana fishing and what a tropical fishing paradise really looks like. Palm trees, waters bluer than blue, white sands beaches, warm sunshine, big game fish, and satisfied anglers. This is what it means to be on a Punta Cana sportfishing vacation and I imagine if we could just jump right into this picture most of us would.
Read more about Punta Cana and Dominican Republic fishing.

Punta Cana Vacations

Please visit the Punta Cana Explorer for all your other vacation excitement needs. We offer cruises, tours and tourist activities for the entire family. There are enough fun excursions and activities to fill and entire vacation. And in addition to the boat rides, the nature walks, 4-wheel buggy rides, speedboat rides, and many other activities there is of course more fishing.

Espanol Fishing in Spanish

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Punta Cana Fishing Reports

Read our detailed and frequently updated Punta Cana fishing reports. Read about blue marlin, mahi mahi, and all the big game fish we catch off Punta Cana. Check back soon for the next Punta Cana fishing reports.

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Punta Cana Sport Fishing Charters in Dominican Republic
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